Virtual Photo Editing Workshops

Transform your shots into masterpieces with a virtual photo editing workshop session, where I will guide you through the art of post-processing. Whether it is dealing with difficult lighting conditions, high image noise, or distracting backgrounds, I will show you the time-saving, easy-to-learn methods I use to get the most out of every photo. Let me help you unlock the true potential of your images. 

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In-the-field Workshops, New York 

I am offering a limited number of private in-the-field workshops at some of my favorite locations in and around New York City for photographing birds and bird behavior, my specialty. Whether you are a seasoned bird photographer visiting the area and wanting to minimize searching for the best locations or would like to work on your field techniques, especially for flight and behavior shots, these sessions may be for you! 

More info coming soon...

Meanwhile, send email or DM if you would like to arrange a field session.

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